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I am very pleased with my website and everyone who looks at it always comments on how good it is.  Ali and Alex were really supportive and gave me lots of great advice, things that I would have never thought of and it has really helped. Its early days but I am beginning to get leads and they have set it up so it will link to my Facebook advertising campaigns, so I can only see it getting better and better. 


It was important for me that my website looked professional and represents what I stand for and mine definitely does, I wouldn't change a single thing. On top of all that Ali and Alex have continued to keep giving me advice when I need it. Working with Ali who specializes in working with women over 50, was a joy she really helped me, she understands where I was coming from, she really got me and my business and didn't try to blind me with website jargon, she spoke my language !!!!. Thanks Ali 

"I am delighted, LOVE IT, thanks very much to both you and Alex, you have done a FANTASTIC JOB"


Karin Williams - Venue Finding Expert 

"Like initial look of the website, really professional.


I absolutely LOVE the training page. Photos, font, colours, layout, detailed training content, I love it all! After reading it, I want to attend the training day myself!


All in all, really happy with the end result, thank you!"


Hazel Adams - Dental Complaints Expert



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