The BoomBoss® Success Club

The Club provides you with not only the STRATEGIES and INFORMATION you need to start or grow your business but also COACHING with and direct ACCESS to Ali, her resources and network, proven to virtually guarantee your business and lifestyle success. 


The BoomBoss® Success Club Is The Fast, Fun & Convenient Way to Take Your Idea Or Business Beyond Where It Is Today. And Become Part Of An Exclusive Powerhouse Community Of Women Over 50!

The Life You Want, The Choices You Want, The Freedom You Want, Is Going To Be Fuelled By The Business You Build...

From: Ali Miles-Jenkins 


Hi, I’m Ali


I’m an empowerment coach, mentor, trainer, consultant, author and Founder of The BoomBoss®, the UK’s leading community for women over 50 who want to become their own CEO, with their very own successful business, and finally the lifestyle they deserve!


I've run a business for 30 years, and today I want to give the greatest gift I can ever give to determined, likeminded women who want to start or grow their businesses and accelerate their profits.


I’m not sure if this is for you but if you are open minded about starting or growing a successful business in the most direct, effective and quickest way possible you might want to pay attention for the next couple of minutes.  


Because I want to give you access to my fabulous BoomBoss® Success Club.


It’s an exclusive membership that gives you direct coaching and mentoring from me, a complete step-by-step training programme, the right tools, resources and the right people and the right answers at the right time so you too can start, grow and scale your business at will.


You'll also be part of a special community of women just like you to connect and meet up with regularly.


If you've watched the video above I have no doubt you are taking your future seriously.  If you believe anything is possible with the right strategy, support and total focus and commitment then this is absolutely perfect for you.



There Has Never Been A Better Time Than

Right Now!


There's so many opportunities out there for women like you and me but you've probably realised that just learning stuff or networking isn't enough to get the results you're looking for. And that getting started or growing online or offline on your own isn't as easy as you thought it would  be...


  • Do you look around online and find it hard to work out whose advice to trust?

  • Are you struggling to work out your priorities and make progress? 

  • Do you find it lonely having no-one to turn to for the know-how that can transform your business and your life?

  • Would you like to have a simple route to follow so that you can focus on the right steps at the right time to make sure you make progress and reach the goals you want?

  • Would you like to build your business at a pace that suits you, your circumstances and your lifestyle?

  • Would you like to be part of a wonderful Community of determined women over 50, all supporting and cheering each other on?

  • Would you like to have me by your side, available every week to connect with, get answers from and guide you in the right direction?

  • Does less stress, more action, more results, more time, more income and more success sound good to you? 

If So, The BoomBoss® Success Club Gives You Everything You Need To Be Your Own Boss With The Business And Lifestyle You Deserve!

Just imagine, everything you need to start or grow your business in one place, so you don’t need to struggle to find the right starting points, resources, and answers any more.


And no, it’s not just a training programme, or just a community.


Neither of those things work just on their own.


You’re probably just like me – you’ve come to the realisation that just browsing stuff, or connecting with others is not enough to get the results you are looking for.


The results that could change your life.


If just learning about business and making connections was enough, well you’d already be where you want to go, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you?


Despite having access via the internet to countless amounts of information, many women don’t seem to be able to break through and get the results that they want and need, at whatever stage where they are currently stuck.


That’s whether they want to work on their mindset and confidence to start a business in the first place…..


or they already have a business turning over say £100,000 per year and need to grow to accelerate their profits.


Look, wherever you are at the moment, you don’t need an overwhelming amount of information, most of which won’t apply to you right now anyway.


What you need are the exact steps and actions that will take you to the next level as quickly and easily as possible, right?

To Get To Where You Want To Go You MUST Follow A PROVEN Success Path

You need to follow a Success Path and that's exactly what I've created for you based on my 30 years' business experience.


It's your specific route to follow to get your desired outcomes, tailored to where you are right now.


That’s why my training gives you insights, what to do with specific pieces of information to give you specific outcomes. 


You choose your starting point and determine where you want to get to next, and the programme takes you along the specific points of the success path to get you there!


Then you move on and progress further.


Laser targeted, short actionable insight that I’ve personally used during my 30 years as a management training and consultancy owner.   And that has enabled me to go from nothing to a 6 figure revenue with the BoomBoss® in 2 years.


I'll Show You How To Achieve All This And More, Leaving Out All The Guesswork

So you will never again have to stare at a blank computer screen in desperation.


I reveal my exact processes that I teach my private clients to more than double their turnover, get in the press, win awards and achieve the status and lifestyle they are seeking.


I’ve run a million pound business over decades, and over the years I’ve literally helped 1000s of women overcome their personal and business challenges.


I’ve already had amazing success since I launched the BoomBoss® in 2017. In 2019 I took the bold step to dedicate 12 months to putting all this expertise into this Success Club.  You can see below how simple The Success Path is to follow.   Before you know it you'll get to where you want to go!



BoomBoss® Club Exclusive Quarterly Events And Networking

The Success Club Learning Platform is the portal where you'll find  all the content and training. This is the store of knowledge, tips, techniques, how to's and secrets  that will accelerate your success.  


It's easy to access, navigate and use with multi-media options to suit your learning preferences, for example, videos, audio, transcripts, downloads, checklists, cheatsheets and much more!

Here's How The BoomBoss Club Is Going To Help You Grow

Your BoomBoss® Gold Club Membership Includes:

  • Instant Access To All Ali's Resources Hosted On An Online Membership 

The Success Club Learning Platform is the portal where all the content and training is delivered.  This is the store of knowledge, tips, techniques, how to's and secrets  that will accelerate your success.  


It's easy to access, navigate, use, mobile friendly, with multi-media options to suit your learning preferences, for example, videos, audio, transcripts, downloads, checklists, cheatsheets and much more!

  • BoomBoss® Success Path - 5 Steps To Your Ultimate Business And Lifestyle

I've created for you a unique and very special BoomBoss® Success Path: it's the 5 steps to your ultimate business and lifestyle.  It reflects the very same path I've been following in my businesses.  I have simplified my decades of trial, error, failure and successes into a path for you to follow.  It gives you clarity, momentum and progress as quickly as possible, whether you haven't started a business yet or are already successful and want to accelerate further.


It's so easy to work with and learn from.  You'll also have your Milestones Checker so you can see exactly where you starting point is on the Success Path.  You'll be able to focus and progress as quickly as possible.  You'll also be able to measure progress and determine when its time to move to the next step.  It's all about implementation and progress. In no time you'll get to where you want to go!

  • 100+ Video Tutorials, Transcripts, Cheatsheets, Guides, Questionnaires, Templates, Checklists, Downloads, Worksheets, Action Task Sheets And More

I've built my success around implementation of key information and strategies that I've consistently applied.  I'm now sharing all of this and more through short easily digestable and relatable videos, transcripts and supporting material to make your life and progress as simple as possible.  You will be amazed at the tools that I share in this membership that can be transformation for you as they have been for me. 

  • Weekly Tutorials Released Every Monday

To kickstart the week in a really positive way I'll be releasing new resources on a specific theme, every Monday, just for you.  Simple, quick, easy to digest and apply! You will find that sometimes the release will be perfect timing for you and on other weeks you'll want to bank this for future reference, depending on where you are along the Success Path.

  • Ask Ali Anything Club Coaching Every Wednesday 8pm

The true value of the BoomBoss® Success Club is not just in the proven, practical business start up and growth information, training and 'how-to's', tips, techniques and templates for you to follow and apply.  It's in the ACCESS, and the incredible amount of it you will get to Ali, through the Live Coaching Sessions every Wednesday. Ali  hosts a weekly coaching call where you can pre-submit your questions.  During the call you'll get direct answers so you can get immediate results.  If you can't make the Live Coaching she's got you covered as you can watch the recording to find your answers and so much more!

  • Success Club Celebrations & Accountability Sessions Every Friday 12-1pm

Implementation is key to success.  So every Friday in the BoomBoss® Success Club Lounge you get the opportunity to share your successes during the week and celebrate these.  You can also discuss any hurdles and challenges and this is in part an accountability session so Ali can check your progress, help you overcome obstacles and set new goals. If you can't make the Friday Lunchtime she's got you covered as you can watch the recording to find your answers and so much more!

  • BoomBoss® Success Club Lounge - A Private Facebook Group

This is the Facebook Group just for Success Club Members and where Ali will be spending quite a lot of her time! With a focus on learning, action and results this is where the magic happens when we all come together to discuss opportunities and solve the challenges.  It is also the place for daily support, annoucements, links and any important updates/details.


Most importantly we will meet here in Lounge for the Ask Ali Anything Live Coaching, as well as the Success Club Celebrations and Accountability Calls.   And of course this will be the hub for questions, answers, conversations, connecting and community.

  • BoomBoss® Marketplace Directory for Members To Advertise For free

A very useful extra that you get your hands on as a BoomBoss® Success Club Member is the opportunity to advertise your business, products and services in the BoomBoss® Marketplace Directory for FREE!   Imagine as the Club grows, how many women you will be able to reach and the resulting sales.  You'll probably end up getting your Club Membership fee paid out of your earnings from this alone!

  • Annual BoomBoss® Club Members Mastermind Event

Once a year there will be a BoomBoss® Mastermind Event to which all Success Club Members will automatically receive a FREE invitation. You’ll have the opportunity to meet up, learn with, connect to and collaborate with other Club Members which alone is worth the price of the investment in the Success Club.

  • 20% Discount On BoomBoss® Events

Being part of the Success Club grants you VIP access and special pricing to Live events.  You'll receive a 20% discount on all events.  


Remember!  Your access to the Annual BoomBoss Club Members Mastermind Event will also be completely free.

Here's A Taster Of What You'll Learn Inside The Online Membership Portal:

  • How To Acquire That Powerful BoomBoss Mindset

  • How To Ensure Your Business Is Right For You

  • How To Devise And Sustain Your Expert Status 

  • How To Stand Out From The Crowd  

  • Ways To Constantly Test Your Business Products And Services 

  • Step By Step Advice On Launching And Growing Your Business In The Fastest, Cheapest & Easiest Ways 

  • Success Steps On Social Media

  • Your Marketing Plan For Starting, Growing And Scaling Your Business

  • Digital Marketing Success Resources 

  • How To Get Free Publicity 

  • All important growth strategies to accelerate profits past £100,000 a year 

  • And Much More... 

Here's A Summary And True Value Of The Success Club:

Just £97 Per Month - Cancel At Anytime!

This Is Not Your Typical "Membership Community" 

This is where you get direct access to me, my team, my resources, my network and an exclusive Club full of determined, forward looking BoomBoss® Club members

So, Why Am I Doing This?

  • We're over 50.  We haven't got decades ahead of us for trial and error have we? 


    We have to get on and do. We need clarity and direction.  That's why I'm giving you my Success Path to follow. 

  • From 30 years running my businesses,  I know how lonely it can be.  I also know a Community is not enough either.


    My main free FB Group - BoomBoss Expert Women In Business  - is just too large for me to help everyone. 


    This is my way of directly working with an exclusive smaller group of committed entrepreneurial women over 50.  Women just like you!

  • I don't want you to waste precious time looking for answers and support.


    Having to sift through endless digital and business training, or 'fluffy' groups run by people who've never even run a proper business! 


    I want you to be able to  follow a proven path, reach out to me and my network so you can get the specific answers and help you need, to solve your challenges AT THAT TIME.

Here's What Members Say About Ali & The Club:

Since the coaching calls we noticed our sales increasing and we generated 3x more sales over the Christmas period than the year before.

Jayne Hill

PrettyPash Company

So nice to be with other likeminded people and certainly been worth the investment.

Ali has a real passion for helping other people succeed.

Andree Nolan

I've made more progress in the last 6 months than I've done in the last 5 years!

Wilma Goss




“I would also like to say a very BIG THANK YOU.  Without BoomBoss I would definitely not be approaching my business in the way I am now, and I would not be embracing the wonderful world of marketing. I have learnt so much. My business is gaining traction and some of my contacts are surprised at what I have achieved in four months.   BoomBoss Success Club was definitely the catalyst. “


Tina Neve




“I really feel that I now have a solid strategy to grow my business which I don’t think I had before…., all of which I can honestly say I achieved with your help.  I am not sure I could of done this without you or if I did it would have taken me a lot longer to get there.


I love your energy, enthusiasm and sheer determination to help your clients succeed ….It was money well spent learning from the best!” 


Julie Abbott

Just wanted to say Thank You for your feedback on my first Success Club Live this evening. I’ve had one of those unproductive, demotivating days today and you’ve made me super motivated again!


Can’t wait to get working on your feedback…really helped to crystallise  my thoughts.” 


Jill Leake



“Thank you Ali for the very helpful ad insightful information!  Still trying to digest it all but feeling inspired and motivated to take my Business idea forward! Gave me clarity and focus.  Thank you” enough. 


Kay Lundy




  • You are ready to step into a bigger vision

  • You want to start the business of your dreams

  • You want grow your existing business and get more success

  • You're willing to learn and follow a proven step-by-step framework designed for your success

  • Have Ali Miles-Jenkins as your mentor and coach

  • You want to be part of an elite community of women over 50 all on the same journey

  • Build friendships and connect with other women of your demographic

  • Attend BoomBoss Club ONLY events




  • You’re not prepared to commit and give your best effort

  • You’re not willing to implement the learning

  • You're more interested in why things won't work instead of why they will

  • You're just interested in the fastest way to generate income

  • You just want to sell to other Success Club Members

Join The Most Exclusive Training, Coaching And Mentoring Membership For Women Over 50 Today

There are unprecedented opportunities for us Women Over 50 as entrepreneurs.  You can seize that opportunity to make your mark, to be your authentic self, to create meaningful change in your life and the wider world by using your unrivalled and honed skills, experience, expertise and knowledge.  And you can get paid really well doing something you love!  How good is that?  


All you have to do is follow the appropriate steps for you along the BoomBoss® Success Path in the Club!  And of course to make progress in your life you have to break your old habits.  The way you are going to do that is by investing in this Club, as I walk you step by step long that route to Success.


Find the plan that’s right for you.





Instant Access To All Ali's Resources

Membership Access To The Online Learning Platform

Video Tutorials, Templates, Worksheets, Transcripts, Cheatsheets & More

Weekly Tutorials Released Every Monday

Ask Ali Anything Club Live COACHING Every Wednesday

Success Club Celebrations and Accountability Calls LIVE Every Friday

The Exclusive BoomBoss GOLD Success Club Lounge For Accountability & Support

Access To Success Club Quarterly Event & Networking

Annual BoomBoss Club Members Mastermind With VIP seating for Gold Members

BoomBoss Club Marketplace For Members To Advertise For FREE

Kickstart Coaching Call For New Members

20% OFF BoomBoss Events






Instant Access To All Ali's Resources

Membership Access To The Online Learning Platform

Video Tutorials, Templates, Worksheets, Transcripts, Cheatsheets & More

Weekly Tutorials Released Every Monday

Ask Ali Anything Club Live COACHING Every Wednesday

Success Club Celebrations and Accountability Calls LIVE Every Friday

The Exclusive BoomBoss GOLD Success Club Lounge For Accountability & Support

Access To Success Club Quarterly Event & Networking

Annual BoomBoss Club Members Mastermind With VIP seating for Gold Members

BoomBoss Club Marketplace For Members To Advertise For FREE

Kickstart Coaching Call For New Members

20% OFF BoomBoss Events

60 Minute Private Coaching Call With Ali 

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how the guarantee works.  Go through the Success Club for 14 days.  If you don’t love it, email me at any time during those first 14 days, show me you have done some of the exercises, and I’ll immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund.


BTW – I ask you to send me some examples of the exercises you’ve worked through because I know if you implement what I teach, you will get results.  However, if you ARE thinking of purchasing without doing anything/putting in any effort, then of course we both know you won’t make any progress or get any benefit.  I really can’t afford to waste time and energy supporting  ‘tirekickers’ and hopefully that isn’t you.


Our Success Club Members will be women over 50 who are serious about building successful businesses.  They know it takes commitment and work and these are the BoomBosses who will succeed.    That’s why I want you to go through the Club for 14 days and start learning, implementing and making progress.  I can’t wait to help you get to where you want to go.  Love Ali xx

Ali Miles-Jenkins

Founder - The BoomBoss® Ltd

Still Wondering If The Club Is Right For You? 

Watch This Interview With Success Club Member Donna

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Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, if you pay monthly you can cancel at any time.  If you pay annually and get the discount, you can cancel your payment on renewal.  In either case there is a 14 day guaranteed cancellation option after sign up if you decide it’s not for you.

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