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​Women Over 50 All Over The World! 


This is your moment to create meaningful change in your life and others'


I'm about transformation not information 


Become a BoomBoss®, your own CEO, running your expert based business


Get the lifestyle you now deserve

It’s Time To Channel Your Unique Years Of Experience,

Expertise And Skills To Get The Lifestyle You Deserve

You’ve always wanted to be your own boss, earning what you’re worth and in charge of your own destiny


You want to work to your own goals and objectives and feel empowered, in charge of your life. You need to become a BoomBoss.


The moment’s come to take that leap of entrepreneurial faith, create a captivating personal brand, get crystal clear on your niche, positioning and authority in your field so you can magnetically attract the right clients, working when and where you choose. Whatever type of business you're in.


It's Your Opportunity To:

  • Shine in your own way

  • Take a stand for your unique talents

  • Find your voice and your message

  • Establish your business 

  • Grow and scale your business 

  • Make a difference to others 

  • Find freedom and financial success 

Above all, you want to stop wondering what it would be like to run your own business, watching others who are making a success of it, and experience it for yourself. You know that you’ve not got years to think about it, and that you have to make the most of your opportunities and talents. Right now.


Or perhaps you've already started a business, but somehow you just can't seem to get it as you want it.


The key problem is that right now you are unsure how to: 


  • Decide what to choose to do 

  • Translate your experience and skills set into services or products people really want  

  • Position yourself as the Go-to person in the right niche 

  • Attract clients without having the stress of hard selling and cold calling 

  • Market your services using the latest online and offline techniques  

  • Grow your business in a focussed and results generating way 

Whether you're still employed, retired or already have a business I can help you make the most of your opportunities and talents right now. You have to get on and do, minimise the critical path and get your business up, running, profitable and scalable. There’s no longer the luxury of trial and error. I can help you right now. 


I’m Ali Miles-Jenkins, Founder of The BoomBoss®, and an award winning business owner, author, speaker, trainer, coach, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a certified hypnotherapist. 


I teach women over 50 how to quickly and profitably build successful businesses irrespective of sector, including trainers, coaches, consultants, therapists, and other specialists and experts.

I do this by applying my decades of real life experience as an expert business owner to drive my unique proven P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T.™ system, programmes and products including my elite Private Client Coaching and BoomBoss® Private Members' Success Club.


Most importantly, I give my clients the confidence to be brave, bold, to get out there and quickly make their mark as BoomBosses® in the world, helping others whilst securing a fabulous future for themselves.


I've Also Created The BoomBoss® Movement:

A BoomBoss® is in control of her destiny, her schedule, priorities and lifestyle. She's her own boss, running her own business, using her life experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to help others and to remain financially independent.


A BoomBoss® is a no BS action taker, who values her integrity, self worth and contribution. She's relevant, makes her mark, stands for something, with her own unique identity. She's doing something she was born to do, feeling vital, connected and valued. 


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I've run a training and management consultancy since 1990 and have had the honour of helping more than 60,000 people worldwide become more successful at what they do.  I've had huge successes but... a decade or so ago I hit a stumbling block when the recession hit in 2009 and I nearly lost my business.


It taught me that clients don’t last forever and the biggest mistake I had made was relying on my contacts, word of mouth and repeat business.


My biggest wake up call was to realise that if you don’t know where your next new client is coming from and you don’t have systems to achieve this, you don’t have a sustainable business.


I rapidly changed my emphasis from my network to devising a powerful marketing strategy. My business went from strength to strength and I raised my fees by 400%.


I realised I’d built up knowledge and systems to help others who wanted to build and grow their businesses too. 




Helping others has always been a passion for me. Increasingly I found myself attracting women who were wanting to make significant changes because they were dissatisfied with life and work. So that is now what I help them to do.


I’m dedicated to building a community of women of my generation who want to change their lives, start and grow a business and make a difference.


I’m on a mission to create 1,000,000 BoomBosses®: women who are their own CEO at work and play. In the same way that I transformed my business and my life I’m helping others succeed too. 


Today I teach my proven expert strategies to take you where you want to go in business and life, quickly, easily and profitably.

Incredible ‘Aha” moments and an extremely generous advocate to help you with your business or start up to avoid major pitfalls and increase your ROI.  Do it ASAP.  You won’t regret it!

Elaine Gill

Thanks Ali for a fantastic intake call - helped me recognise the strength and breadth in my experience so far and focus on the best opportunity to develop. Excited about the process !

Nix Brown

There’s no stopping a room full of over 50’s women learning about business with Ali.  Passionate about Ali’s workshop! 

Anne Barkas

Professional Bio

Alison Miles-Jenkins BA(Hons) FCIPD is an award winning business owner, author, speaker, trainer and coach, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a certified hypnotherapist. 


A Warwick University Graduate with a Languages and Business degree and numerous postgrad qualifications, Alison has 30 years’ experience, and has run her own business since 1990. 


She’s the founder of multiple business, management and personal development programmes which have helped more than 60,000 people achieve individual and business goals, overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities, personally and professionally in the UK and internationally.


Alison now specialises in helping women over 50 become their own CEOs at work and play. She's set up the BoomBoss Movement to empower women over 50 throughout the world to claim their spot, to create meaningful change in their lives and the wider world.   


She’s passionate about sharing her ‘know-how’ and secrets with her contemporaries who want to build their own businesses and she’s on a mission to support them to make the most of the rest of their lives.


She wants to share with them how she has been able to generate well over £1million from her own expert business which has been in the learning and development space and how she's been able to earn between £1,000 and £4,000 per day that she chooses to work.


She’s a regular contributor to professional magazines and journals, been featured on TV and is in demand for speaking engagements throughout the country.


Alison's programmes are life changers for women over 50 who are interested in setting up their own business as a consultant, coach, trainer or therapist.


She's not just teaching this – She's actually been doing this very successfully for 30 years. She's had a working life that many of her peers have envied and have wanted to emulate. This is the inspiration behind The BoomBoss® and the BoomBoss® Movement.

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