#BoomBoss Events

Spend The Day With Me And Your Fellow BoomBosses®! Network, Learn and Grow. We Are Stronger Together 

All of our events are 5 star rated and sell out extremely quickly! Now that we have a timetable for lockdown release we're planning a number of different events that run throughout the rest of the year and in major cities in the UK.  Keep checking in for more information.


Online Live Training

From Bare Face To BoomBoss® Brilliant


The Secrets For Looking Your Best For Business With Makeup Expert Sarah Grant and Ali Miles-Jenkins

Coming Soon - Summer 2021

Discover the tips, techniques and must knows for looking great.

Project a fabulous personal brand by knowing how to make the most of your makeup as a woman over 50 in business!

Join us on this live interactive training from your own home.  Sarah will demonstrate exactly how to apply your makeup to bring out your best you.   She's going to reveal secrets you won't yet know and can transform your business image. 

The BoomBoss® Ignite Discovery Day

For Starting Your Business 

Coming Soon - Summer 2021

Finding It Difficult Knowing Where To Start?

Not Sure What The Right Business Is For You?

Want Me To Help You Start Your Business? 


Grab one of the seats at my Colchester Discovery Day!


You can steal my strategies to set up and grow an expert business, for example, as a consultant, trainer, coach, specialist, therapist.

The BoomBoss® Business Breakthroughs 2020

Specifically For BoomBosses® Who Are Ready

To Go To The Next Level 

Coming Soon - Summer 2021

For Women Over 50 Who Have Started their Business And

 Want to Ramp It Up This Year!!

Discover the latest strategies and tactics you as a BOOMBOSS® need to create major breakthroughs in 2021 for your business and your life!

The BoomBoss® Exclusive 'From Start Up To Unstoppable'

Business Training & Networking Event

Coming Soon - Summer 2021

This 5 Star Rated Event which hundreds of BoomBosses have already attended, will transform your thinking about your business.


Ali will show you the leading strategies you need to start and grow the right business, scale your business, leverage your time, accelerate your profits and effortlessly attract more customers. 



Blast-Off Day

Coming Soon - Summer 2021

Spend a creative, inspiring and motivational day with me to set the scene for the release of lockdown in 2021.


Join me a small group of BoomBosses at my offices in the grounds of my home.


Create your individual Blast-Off Board (not just an airy fairy vision Board) but a blueprint for the Future You – this time next year.


 This unique design board will reflect YOUR business and YOUR life goals, aspirations and interests (even if you haven’t got a business yet!).


…And most importantly an Overarching Strategy for how to achieve it.

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